Two recordings of
The Dairy Maid
The Flax In Bloom

The Dairy Maid (jig) is also known as The Dairy Girl.

The Flax In Bloom (reel) is also known as An Líon Faoi Bhláth, Flaxen Bloom, The Flaxen Bloom, The Flaxen Broom, The Lily White, Líon Faoi Bhláth, Na Ḃláṫanna Líonta.

Folktrax-375: Mason's Apron - The Belfast Fiddle Sessions by Tom Turkington, Sean Maguire, Sean Maguire Senior, Liam Donnelly, Bill Montgomery

  1. Flax In Bloom
  2. Milestone
  3. Dairy Maid

Past Masters Of Irish Fiddle Music by Various Artists

  1. The Flax In Bloom
  2. The Millstone
  3. The Dairy Maid