Airlie Bobbies reel

By Jim Ritchie

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One setting

X: 1
T: Airlie Bobbies
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
E2|A>AAB AECE|A>EAc e2 dc|B>BBc BFDF|B>BBc defd|
A>AAB AECE|A>EAc e2 dc|B>BBd fdBG|A2 c2 A2||
cd|e>eef ecAe|e>eec e2 ce|f>ffg fdBd|f>ede fagf|
e>eef ecAE|C>EAc e2 dc|B>BBd fdBG|A2 c2 A2||

Two comments

Airlie Bobbies

A tune composed by Jim Ritchie of Glenshee, who was winning fiddle competitions from the age of 11 (in 1938). In his teens, after hearing Jimmy Shand play in his local hall, Jim held an ambition to play in Shand’s band, and after stints with the Hawthorn Band and Bobby MacLeod’s Band, his dream came true.

This setting is from the playing of Willie Hunter and the Cullivoe Band, from the 1999 album ‘Willie’s Last Session’.

Jim Ritchie

His ‘Fiddle solo’ can be heard on Dancing with the Shands, the two tunes were dedicated to Jimmy Shand Jnr, and Jimmy Shand Snr… from what I have gleaned. Its one of my favorites at the moment…i want/need the dots!!!..but feel I am not experienced enough yet with picking tunes up by ear (only been playing for 3 yrs) , and using ABC…to do the tune an accurate justice.

So I challenge you experts out there…