Sir Wilfred Laurier Marche slide

Also known as Sir Wilfred Laurier March, Sir Wilfred Laurier’s March.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Sir Wilfred Laurier Marche
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Cdor
K: Bb Major
|:B|BFB BFB d3 B2 f|fdf fdf gfg e2 g|
geg geg b3- bag|fgf edc B3- B2:|
|:F|G2 F F2 e A3- A2 F|G2 F F2 d B3- Bdf|
f3- fed c3- cBA|Bdc BAG F3- F2 F|
G2 F F2 e A3- A2 F|G2 F F2 d B3- Bdf|
b3- bfd f3- fdf|1 agf edc B3- B2:|2 agf edc B3||
fga|b3 d3 f3 b3|a2 g g2 e g3- g2 g|
g2 e e2 d f3- f2 g|g2 f gf=e f3- fga|
b3 d3 f3 b3|a2 g g2 e g3- gga|
b3- bfd f3- fdf|agf edc B3- B2||

Three comments

“Sir Wilfred Laurier Marche”

S: “The Master Collection of Dance Music for Violin: 299 Traditional Tunes of the British Isles & French Canada”, by Richard Carlin, tune #99, page 62 (simplified)
Mel Bay Publications, 1984 - MB93840
Listed in this collection under “French Canadian Music” ~ other transcriptions to follow, hopefully…

B/2nd part as just 16 bars…

While Richard Carlin’s transcription has the B/2nd part of this tune repeating, 2 x 16 bars, I personally don’t repeat it, just playing it as is, 16 bars, which could also be notated so:

|: F |\
G2 F F2 e A3- A2 F | G2 F F2 d B3- Bdf |
[1 f3- fed c3- cBA | Bdc BAG F3- F2 :|
[2 b3- bfd f3- fdf | agf edc B3 ||