McLaughlin’s strathspey

Also known as Marjorie & Richard’s Wedding, Marjorie’s Wedding.

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One setting

X: 1
T: McLaughlin's
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
e>f|"C"g>c e<g "F/C"a>g fe/f/|"C"g>c e<g "F/C"f<a d>f|"C/E"e<g cB "F"A>c f<a|"G"g<a e>d e<~c- ce/f/|
"C"g>c e<g "F/C"a>g g/f/e/f/|"C"g>c e<g "F/C"f<a d>f|"C/E"e<g cB "F"A>c f<a|"G"g<a e>d e<~c- c<e||
"C/E"E>G c>G "F"A<c F>a|"C"g>c g>e "G"e<~d- d>e|"C/E"E>G c>G "F"A<c Fa|"G"g<a e>d "C"e<~c- "G/B"ce|
"Am"E>G "G"c>G "F"Acfa|"C"g>a g>e "G"e<~d- d>e|"C/E"cedf "F"egfa|"G"g<a e>d e<~c- c2||

Two comments


Written by Alasdair Fraser, and appears on a couple of his albums.

We have been learning some strathspeys at our session, and this is a very nice one.

Re: McLaughlin’s

Written for Marjorie McLaughlin’s wedding. Known as Marjorie’s Wedding in the Royal Scottish Dancing repertoire.