One recording of
Calliope House
I Will Go Home To Kintail

Calliope House (jig) is also known as Calico House, Caliope House, Calliope Horse, Kaliope House, Richardson’s.

I Will Go Home To Kintail (waltz) is also known as Chrò Chinn T-Sàile, Cró Chinn T-Sáile, Kintail, Leaving Kintail, The MacKenzie Lullaby, Return To Kintail, Theid Mi Dhachaidh, Thèid Mi Dhachaidh ‘chrò Chinn T-Sàile, Thèid Mi Dhachaidh Chrò Chinn T-Sàile, Theidh Mi Dhachaigh.

Journey's End by Stephen Wake

  1. Return To Kintail
  2. Calliope House
  3. The Humors Of Tulla