One recording of
Calliope House
Dinny Delaney’s

Calliope House (jig) is also known as Calico House, Caliope House, Calliope Horse, Kaliope House, Richardson’s.

Dinny Delaney’s (slide) is also known as Denis Delaney’s, Dinny Delany’s, The Hag At The Kiln, The Hag In The Kiln, Old Hag At The Kiln, The Old Hag At The Kiln, The Old Hag In The Kiln, The Old Hag.

1991 World Pipe Band Championships by Various Artists

  1. Big Oz
  2. Mac An Irish
  3. The Video Man
  4. The Echo Chamber
  5. Old Hag At The Kiln
  6. Caliope House
  7. The Tenpenny Bit
  8. Dinkies
  9. O’Rourke’s