One recording of
Calliope House
King Of The Fairies

Calliope House (jig) is also known as Calico House, Caliope House, Calliope Horse, Kaliope House, Richardson’s.

King Of The Fairies (hornpipe) is also known as Dance Of Love, Dawns Tylwyth Y Tegion, The Fairies Selection, Gradh Mo Chroidhe Do Shean Wig, King O’ The Fairies, King Of Fairies, King Of The Faeries, The King Of The Faeries, King Of The Fairies March, The King Of The Fairies, King William, King William Of Orange, King William’s, Prince William Of Orange, Rí Na Sideog, Ri Na Sioga, Set Dance, Setdance, Your Old Wig Is The Love Of My Heart.

Riddle by Cynthia MacLeod

  1. King Of The Fairies
  2. Kid On The Mountain
  3. The Winning Ticket
  4. Calliope House