Sir James’s march

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One setting

X: 1
T: Sir James's
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
D>D|G2 d>d B2G2|c2B2A2 E>E|A2 d>d d2c2|B2A2G2 D>D|
G2 d>d B2G2| e2c2A2d2|G2 D>D G2 c2|B2A2G2 G>G||
(c3 d) (eged)|(c3 B) A2A>A|(d3 e) (dcBc)|(c3 B/2A/2B2) B>B|
(g3 e) c2(Bc)|(dedc) B2A2|G2c2d3 c|c6 D>D||
G2 d>d B2G2|(cdcB)A2 E>E|A2 d>d d2c2|(BcBA)G2 D>D|
G2 d>d B2G2|(edcB)A2 d2|B2G2 (GAGF)|G3 B/2d/2g2||

Two comments

A little march that fits the tin whistle well, but I’ve also successfully played it on other instruments.
The first and third sections are in G, and the middle is in C.
Is this march named after a medieval knight or a contemporary flutist?

and I’m sure you’ve figured out that this is a march and not a reel.