Whistling Rufus barndance

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One setting

X: 1
T: Whistling Rufus
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:G2 GB d2 de|g2 g2 e d3|G2GA BAG2|d4-d4|
G2 GB d2 de|g2 g2 e d3|a2 aa ag e2|a4-a4|
G2GB d2de|g2g2 ed3|G2GA BAG2|d6 g2|
e g2 e d2 ed|B2 G2 AGED|G B2 G AG A2|1 G2 z2 g2 z2:|2 G2 B2 F2 G2||
|:d4 d4-|d2 e2 d2 G2|F4 F4-|F2 c2 ^G2 A2|
e4 e4-|e2 f2 e2 c2|B4 B4-|B2 B2 F2 G2|
d4 d4-|d2 e2 d2 G2|c4 c4-|c2 d2 c2 G2|
B4 c2 B2|E4 F4|1 G8-|G2 B2 F2 G2:|2 G8-|G4 g2 z2||
G2 GB d2 de|g2 g2 e d3|G2 GA BA G2|d4-d4|
G2 GB d2 de|g2 g2 e d3|a2 aa ag e2|a4-a4|
G2 GB d2 de|g2 g2 e d3|G2 GA BA G2|d6 g2|
e g2 e d2 ed|B2 G2 AGED|G B2 G AG A2|G2 z2 g2 z2|
|:c6 d2|e6 g2|a3 b a3 b|a2 g2 e2 c2|
d3 e d3 e|d2 A2 B2 c2|d3 e d3 e|d2 B2 A2 G2|
c6 d2|e6 g2|a3 b a3 b|a2 g2 e2 c2|
d3 e d3 e|d2 A2 B2 c2|1 d4-d4|c4 G4:|2 d4-d4|c2 e2 B2 c2||
|:g4 g4-|g2 a2 g2 c2|B4 B4-|B2 f2 ^c2 d2|
a4 a4-|a2 b2 a2 f2|e4 e4-|e2 e2 B2 c2|
g4 g4-|g2 a2 g2 c2|f4 f4-|f2 g2 f2 c2|
e4 f2 e2|A4 B4|1 c4-c4-c2 e2 B2 c2:|2 c4-c4-|c4 c'2 z2||

Seven comments

Whistling Rufus

This is really a “cakewalk” tune - “barndance” is just the nearest category. It was composed by Kerry Mills in 1899. It’s the kind of tune that’s almost totally out of fashion these days - although I do recall someone playing at once at our old-timey sessin in Bristol (UK).

Notwithstanding the above, I’ve just noticed that someone has recently posted a recording that includes it:


… and I’ve also fould that a member here requested it in a discussion:


Hence my posting!

The cross-referencing system of session.org has just indicated to me that - as well as the recording I’ve already mentioned - there are seven other recordings posted here that include this tune.

I must say that I’m surprised!

Curious, I’m pretty sure this was submitted previously, but maybe before things opened up. It was played and danced to Ireland, see the recordings. I’d heard it and collected it from numerous sources, including, if memory hasn’t failed me, from the McCusker Brothers…

Re: Whistling Rufus

I played in a brass band many years ago and we used to march to this tune, along with another tune called Lazy Pete.

Re: Whistling Rufus

Nobody mentioned that this tune would have come into many older musicians’ consciousness because of a recording made by the Scottish button-accordionist and band leader Jimmy Shand in the 1950s? It was later (1960s) recorded in a more stylish version by the Irish piano-accordionist Dermot O’Brien and his band. Dermot originally had a ceili band but later went “country-and-Irish” with a new band The Clubmen. I travelled over 60 miles one time to see them, as I loved his accordion playing, but he played the accordion very little, spending more time on I think the trumpet, .