The Avalon Quickstep reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Avalon Quickstep
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:FG|"D" ABAG FG A2|"D" f2 [d4f4] FG|"D" ABAG FG A2|"A" [c6a6] FG|
"D" ABAG FG A2|"D" f2 [d4f4] ef|"G" gfed "A" cABc|"D" [F4d4][F2d2]:|
|:fg|"D" a2 faaf a2|"G" b4 "A" [c4a4]|"D" f2 d4 ef|"G" gfed "A" cB A2|"G" b4 "A" [c4a4]|
"D" a2 faaf a2|"G" b4 "A" [c4a4]|"D" f2 [d4f4] ef|"G" gfed "A" cABc|"D" [F4d4][F2d2]:|

Two comments

The Avalon Quickstep

A regular favourite at our monthly old-timey session in Bristol (UK).

It’s what is known as a “crooked” tune. The first part is a standard eight bars (repeated) - but the second part is ten bars (repeated) - thus making 36 bars in total.

A trap for the unwary - i.e. for backers or for melody players attempting to jam along with it when they’ve never heard it before!

Re: The Avalon Quickstep

I learned this tune in the 60’s from a Missouri fiddler who called it “Sally Knows her Onions”.