Mrs Stewart Of Grandtully strathspey

By Niel Gow

Also known as Miss Stewart Of Grandtully.

There are 8 recordings of this tune.

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Mrs Stewart Of Grandtully

I learned it off a CD by John Mock ages ago…I did a little digging and I believe it’s originally by Niel Gow, but as there is a reel with an identical name floating about (Miss/Mrs seem semi-interchangeable) I’m not 100% sure.

Re: Mrs Stewart Of Grandtully

So wrong this setting.. seems like it’s a bit made up in places.. if I can figure out how to do it I’ll post the correct setting..

Re: Mrs Stewart Of Grandtully

So wrong? It’s a little different to the more common version but certainly not “wrong”.

Mrs Stewart Of Grandtully, X:2

This is the Athole Collection version of the tune, transcribed from the book by John Chambers at Possibly what you’re looking for, Greg? A lot of “book” versions are available on JC’s site here:

Transcriptions with chords arranged are available online too. Terry Traub’s version is here:

Re: Mrs Stewart Of Grandtully

This is by Niel Gow.