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One setting

X: 1
T: Lullaby For Mel
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:"D"d8|dc d"F#bass"e f2 A2|"G" (B8|B4) B A3|"D" (d8|d)c de f2 a2|"Bm" (f8|f4) de fd|
"G"g3 f e d3|"A" c6 c/d/e|"Bm"f4 "A"A4|"G"(B8|B4) B A3:|
|:"Em" G3 Bd (g g2)|"D"f4 A2 GF|"Em"G3 Bd (g g2)|"D" a3 g f d2 d|"Em" G3 Bd (g g2)|
"D"f6 ed|1 "A"(c8|c6) BA:|2 "A"(c8|c6) ef||
"G"g3 f e d3|"A" c6 c/d/e|"Bm" f4 "A"A4|"G" (B8|B8|B8)|

Five comments

Lullaby For Mel

Ross Ainslie’s beautiful ‘Lullaby for Mel’ from his recent brilliant album ‘Remembering’

As Ross recently won best composer at the Scotland’s Traditional Music Awards 2015 so I thought it fitting
to put another of his tunes on ‘The Session’ It should be in Eb ‘cause that’s the key Ross plays it in, (plus I have a wonderful Eb whistle that this tune sounds great on) but ‘The Session’ can’t cope with Eb so transposed it to D. So I might as well put the Dmaj chords in. Remember guitarist to capo at first fret if you’re playing with me.

Here is a link to the album on Bandcamp – Have a listen and then buy it!!

And here is one of him playing the tune on YouTube

I hope ‘The Session’ does not speed it up too much

Lovery Juberly!

Beware of the MIDI

Please don’t download or listen to the MIDI for this tune it sounds awful - Go and listen to it on Bandcamp or YouTube and then alter key to Eb and play nice and slow,. Not the marching MIDI version!!!!

Here is the Eb version

T:Lullaby for Mel - Ross Ainslie
|: e8 | ed ef g2 B2 | (c8 | c4) c B3 | (e8 | e)d ef g2 b2 | (g8 | g4) ef ge |
a3 g f e3 | d6 d/2e/2f | g4 B4 | (c8 | )c4 c B3 :|
|: A3 ce (a a2) | g4 B2 AG | A3 ce (a a2) | b3 a g (e2 e) | A3 ce (a a2) |
g6 fe |[1 (d8 | d6) cB :| [2(d8 | d6) fg ||
a3 g f e3 | d6 d/2e/2f | g4 B4 | (c8 | c8 | c8) |