One recording of a tune named
The Murroe
With a tune named
Din Tarrant’s

The Murroe (polka) is also known as East Limerick, The Leitrim, Peg Ryan’s, Peggy Ryan’s Fancy, Phil’s.

Din Tarrant’s (polka) is also known as Din Tarrant’s No. 5, Din Terrant’s, Jim Keefe’s, Jim Keefe’s #2, Jim Keefe’s No. 2, Jim Keeffe’s, Jim Keeffe’s #2, Jim Keeffe’s No. 2, Mert Plunkett’s, O’Keeffe’s, Sliabh Luachra.

Drops Of Springwater by Karen Tweed

  1. Jim Keeffe’s
  2. Peg Ryan’s
  3. Teahan’s Favourite