Kilts On Fire march

By Howie MacDonald

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One setting

X: 1
T: Kilts On Fire
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|:e<d|"A"c4B<cd<B|c2 e2 e2 a<g|"D"f4 f>ef<g|a2 g<a f2 a<g|f2f<a "A/C#"e2 c<e|
d>cB<A "Bm"d4|f3a e>c B>A|B2 e2 "E"e2 e<d|"A"c4 B>cd>B|c2 e2 e2 a<g|"D"f4 f>ga>b|a2 g<a f2 a<g|
f2 f<a "A/C#"e2 c<e|d>cB<A "Bm"d4|1 "D"f3a d2 a2|"A"c2 A2 A2:|2 "D"f<aa2 d3 a|"A"c2 A2 A4||
|:"F#m"f4 f3e|f>ef<a "A/C#"c2 B<A|"Bm"B4 B3 A|B>AB<c "A/C#"e2 c<e|1 "D"f4f3e|f>ef<a c2 B<A|
"Bmin"B2 a2 "E"e>fd>e|"A"c2 A2 A2 c<e:|2 "D"f4 f>ef<a|"E/D"g2 e<g "D"f2 (3efg|"Bm"a2 ea "E"daca|B2 "A"A2 A2||

Two comments

Kilts On Fire

4-4 march by Cape Breton fiddler (multi-instrumentalist, really) Howie MacDonald. He taught this tune years ago at a local fiddle camp, and it has entered the local repertoire as a real favorite. We played it just last week at our session.

Rousing tune when swung as indicated. We follow it with MacLaine of Loch Buie and B’Fhearr Mar A’ Bha Mi ‘n Uiridh.

Composed by Howie MacDonald and Brenda Stubbert.