Two recordings of
The Meelick Team
Sonny Brogan’s

The Meelick Team (jig) is also known as Ed Kelly’s, Eddie Kelly’s, Eddie Kelly’s #1, Eddie Kelly’s No. 1, Martin Talty’s, McGreavy’s, Meelick.

Sonny Brogan’s (jig) is also known as Brother Gildas, Brother Gildas’, The Brother’s, Did You See My Man Looking For Me?, Monk’s, The Monk’s, Port An Bhráthair, Port An Bhrathair, Port An Bráthar, Port Padraig Na Cara, Port Padraig Na Carra, Port Sonny Brogan, Rev. Bros, Reverend Brother’s, The Reverend Brother’s, The Reverend’s Daughter, Rose Flanagan’s, Sonny Brogan’s Fancy, Sonny Broghan’s Fancy.

Bridgetown by Johnny B. Connolly

  1. When Sick, Is It Tea You Want?
  2. Eddie Kelly’s
  3. The Reverend Brother’s

Sweet Nyaa by Moving Cloud (Denmark)

  1. Eddie Kelly’s No. 1
  2. Jerry’s Beaver Hat
  3. Ships In Full Sail
  4. Sonny Brogan’s