Northern march

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One setting

X: 1
T: Northern
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
A/B/|:c/d/ ed c/d/ ea B/c/c/d/|ea a/g/e/d/ cAB A/B/|c/d/ ed c/d/ ea B/c/c/d/|
ea a/g/e/d/ cA A2:|aa g/f/e/f/ aed c/d/|ea a/g/e/d/ cABA|
|:aa g/f/e/f/ aed c/d/|ecAF G4|aa g/f/e/f/ aee c/d/|
ea a/g/e/d/ cAB A/B/|c/d/ ed c/d/ ea B/c/c/d/|ea a/g/e/d/ cA A2:||

Three comments

Northern March

This is a tune taught by Andy Rigby at the Lake School of Irish Music held in Koroit Victoria Australia. Andy learned the tune at a Chris Norman workshop but didn’t know the origin of the tune. He though that it was possibly from Northern Ireland. It is a great tune on flute or whistle. Any suggestion as to it’s origin would be greatly appreciated.


I’m 99% certain that this march is indeed from what Gary Hastings once describes as the "alternative" flute-playing tradition in the North of Ireland. I’m also fairly certain - without having the actual recording - that it’s the first tune played on track #11 here :

…and also that the sleeve notes attribute Chris’s source for the tune as Desi Wilkinson.

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