From Shetland To Orkney reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: From Shetland To Orkney
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
[M:6/4]"G" e2 fa"A"eb agfe"A7"dc |:[M:4/4]"D" d4 fedc | d2 A2 fedB |"Bm" F2 AF AB c2 |"G" d4 cdcA |
"Bm" BFAB cdcA |"G" BF=F^F fedc |"A" AGBF"A7" Bcdc |1 [M:2/4]"D" d4 :|2 "D" d2 dc |:
[M:4/4]"Bm" Bcde fafe |"G" gfed"A" cAeA |"Em" Bcde fafe |1 "G" gfeB"A" cA e2 :|2 "G" gfeg"A" fdcA ||
"Bm" fdBd f2 f2 |"G" fgfe dcdA |"A" cBFB c2 c2 |"G" cdcA"A" BFDB |
"Bm" feBa f2 f2 |"G" fgfe dcAc | "A" B2 cD AGFG |"G" EFGA"A" Bcde |
"D" f2 cd f2 f2 |"G" fgfe dcdA |"A" cBFB c2 c2 | "G" cdcA"A" BF/E/DE |
"D" feBa f2 f2 |"G" fgfe"A" dc d2 |"G" e2 fa"A" ebag | fe"A7"dc"D" d4 |]

One comment

From Shetland To Orkney (Air in D)

Played as a slow air. Would probably sound best on a fiddle. Not intended for reel purposes!

I tabbed this out for the mandolin when I was 16 or 17, about 5 years ago, in 2011. I was just getting my feet wet as far as song-writing was concerned, and initially, I was playing this (then unfinished and unformatted) song as a hornpipe. Months later, I realized how bad it was, put it in a dusty binder, and moved on to something else.

Years later, I forgot how I used to play it, so I amused myself and played it again for kicks: now that I don’t play it as a hornpipe, it’s not nearly as bad as I used to think it was. It’s actually sorta pretty! As skewed as it is, it’s the first AABBCC style anything I’ve ever written.