An Slán ína HAoibh reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: An Slán ína HAoibh
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
K: G Lydian
|:"G" DFGA cdeA | BdcF AdcA |"D" GFGA BAGD | EFGD BAGE :|
|:"G" Ddde fede | "Em" dBFG BdcA | "G" Bdde fede | "A" cAGA A2 GF :|
"G" DBAF GAGD | "Em" EFAF GABE |"G" Gdcd ecdB | "A" cAGF BFGE |$
"C" DBAF GAGD | "Am" EFAF GABE |"G" Gdcd ecdB | "A" cABF G2 AE |]

One comment

An Slán í Aoibh

"For all its jovial complacency, Salem, Massachusetts County, England has seen many a heartbreak and the songs that followed in its yet-brief history, much as anywhere else, of young lovers torn by distance, indifference, or death.

Today, a young lad, who thought he’d found the lass God had made for him, watches the last thread of his love unravel. She wanted him, too, but still they are young, undisciplined, and indifferent. She smiles, and the lad knows its for the best and for the last. He’ll keep the memory for years, a lackcease yearning that will come up late on some nights when he hasn’t got his mind full up with much of anything else.

Wish You Were Here,


(In G Lydian)