Daniel Pearl Dedication Tune waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Daniel Pearl Dedication Tune
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|:"A"c>A (3AAA B>A|F<A B2 E>D|C>A"D/A"D>A (3AAG|F<A "E/A"B2 B/c/d|
"A"c>A (3AAA B>A|F<A B2 E>D|C>A"D/A"D>A (3AAB|"E/A"A<G "A"A2 A2:|
"D"f>A (3AAA B>A|A<e "A/E"c2 B>A|"A/G#"E<A (3AAA B>A|A<d c2 B>A|
"D"f>A (3AAA B>A|A<e "A/E"c2 B>A|C>A"D/F#"D>A (3AAB|"E/G#"A<G "A"A2 A2|
"D"f>A (3AAA B>A|A<e "A/E"c2 B>A|"F#"E<A (3AAA B>A|A<d "A/C#"c2 B>A|
"D"f>A (3AAA B>A|A<e "A/E"c2 B>A|C>A"D"D>A (3AAB|"Esus"A<G A2 A2||

Two comments

Daniel Pearl Dedication Tune

This tune was written by Jeremy Kittel in memory of Daniel Pearl, to celebrate the various aspects of his life that have been overshadowed and forgotten in the tragedy and news coverage of his death. He was a son, brother, husband, and a prospective father. He was also a fiddler, taking his fiddle with him and playing on assignment wherever he went.

This not a jig, but rather a march, so it is played slower with different accenting. I also like the way Jeremy has varied the third note of the triplets. Has a Scottish feel to it.

I learned this from Jeremy at a fiddle camp summer, 2015. At that time, Jeremy had not officially named the tune, but this is how he referred to it.