Dan R.’s Favourite strathspey

Also known as Dan R.’s Favorite.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Dan R.'s Favourite
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
A|"A"E<A,C>E A/G/F/E/ A>E|"D"F<D"A/C#"E>C "G/B"D>B,"G"=G,>A|"A"E<A,C>E A/G/F/E/ A>E|"D"F<D"E"E>C "A"A,/A,/A, A,>A|
"A"E<A,C>E A/G/F/E/ A>E|"D"F<D"A/C#"E>C "G/B"D>B,"G"=G,>B,|"A"A,>AF<A E>ec>e|"D"f<d"E"e>c "A"A/A/A A||
d|"A"c<eA>B A/B/c/d/ e>a|"D"f<d"A/C#"e>c "G/B"d/c/B/A/ "G"=G>B|"A"A>ec<a e>e'c'>a|"D"d'/c'/b/a/ "E"g>b "A"a/a/a a>b|
"A"c'>ae<c a>ec>A|e>cA>E A>EF>D|"A"(3CEA "D"(3DFA "E"(3EGB "A"(3Ace|"D"f<d"E"e>c "A"A/A/A A||
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Dan R.’s Favourite

I learned this tune from Andrea Beaton. She called it Dan R.’s Favourite. Great tune with a tricky but fun second part.

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