Three recordings of a tune named
Hughie Travers’
With a tune named
Down The Broom

Hughie Travers’ (reel) is also known as Hugh Travers’, Tommy McMahon’s, Traver’s, Travers’.

Down The Broom (reel) is also known as The Broomstick, Down The Brooms, Down Through The Broom, Follow Me Down To Galway, P. Flanagan’s, Peter Flanagan’s.

'Tis What It Is by Mick Conneely And David Munnelly

  1. P. Flanagan’s
  2. Hughie Travers’
  3. Spoil The Dance

O Gam I Gam by Ogam

  1. Down The Broom
  2. Tommy McMahon’s

Traditional Irish Tunes Played On The Tin Whistle (CD 1/2) / Ceolta Seisiún Na HÉireann - Irish Session Tunes: The Green Book (CD 1/2) by Geraldine Cotter

  1. Tommy McMahon’s
  2. Down The Broom