Mr And Mrs MacLean Of Snaigow waltz

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Mr And Mrs MacLean Of Snaigow
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
EF|:"D" D4 FG|"F#m/C#"A4 ed|"G"B4 AF|"A" E4 EF|
"D"D2 F3 G|"F#m/C#" A4 gf|"G"e3 d B2|"A"A4 A/B/c|
"D"d2 A3 G|"F#m/C#" F3 G A2|"G" B3 G FD|"A" E4 AF|
"D"D2 F3 A|"G"B2 e3 c|"A" A6|1 A4 EF:|2 A4 fg ]|
"D" a3 g gf|"A" e4 ef|"G"g2 B3 d|"A" c4 fg|
"D"a2 f2 d2|"G" G4 AB|"A" A6|A4 fg|
"D"a3 g gf|"A" e4 ef|"G" g2 B3 d|"A" cB AG FE|
"D"D2 F3 A|"G" B2 e3 c|"A"(A6|A6)||
X: 2
T: Mr And Mrs MacLean Of Snaigow
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:E+slide+F|D4+slide+FG|A4{a}ed|+slide+B3{c}B AF|E3zEF|D2 +slide+F3 G|+slide+A4{a}gf|+slide+e2{g}edB|+slide+A3z(3{c}ABc|
cd A2 {B}A G|+slide+F2{A}F G A D|+slide+B3 {A}G F D|+slide+E3z {c}AF|D2 F3 A|+slide+B2 +slide+e2{g}e c|A6-|{B}A4:|
|:{a}fg|+slide+a3{c'}ag{a}g f|+slide+e4 zf|{a}f+slide+g+slide+B3 d|+slide+c4 {a}fg|+slide+a2 f2d2|G4 AB|+slide+A6-|{B}A4 {a}fg||
+slide+a3{c'}ag{a}g f|+slide+ e4z2 f/a/|+slide+g2 +slide+B3 d|cB{c}AGJFE|D2 F3 A|B2 e3 c|A6-|{B}A4:|

Six comments

Mr And Mrs MacLean Of Snaigow

Mr and Mrs MacLean of Snaigow by Dougie MacLean

A great tune by Dougie MacLean and first appeared on the album Fiddle (1984), and then on the album Perthshire Amber (1999) and on the album The Essential Dougie MacLean (2007).

It is played as a very beautiful slow air.

Here he is playing it live with Mike Vass:

and the studio recording here:

The MacLeans

Hi Mikk - well done for posting this tune. Dougie MacLean composed this fine air as a tribute to his mother and father, and it - along with many other fine tunes - was included in his 1984 recording titled simply “Fiddle”. [ see link above ]
I met Duncan and Dolly, [ Mr and Mrs MacLean, respectively ], in the early 1970s when a bunch of us at school in Blairgowrie in Perthshire started taking an interest in playing traditional music. Dougie’s mum and dad were always very supportive of our efforts at that time and since. 2 friendlier and nicer people you’d be hard pushed to find. We all owe them so much. Duncan, sadly isn’t with us any more [ RIP ], but I still see Dolly every year at Dougie’s “Perthshire Amber” festival in October / November. She is involved with a bell-ringing group in Dunkeld - there are a few clips on “Youtube”, and I’ll find and post one below.
I think we all should remember that these tunes have real people behind them, and therefore have posted a session photo on the site’s home page of the 3 MacLeans when we all met at the Edinburgh Folk Festival, I think in 1984.
All the best, Kenny

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Mr And Mrs MacLean Of Snaigow

Thanks Kenny for your post and telling of your memories of Dougie’s Mum & Dad. Unfortunately I have never made it to Perthshire Amber Festival although I have visited Dunkeld way back in 2002 on the way up to Blazin’ in Beauly.
I have seen Dougie quite lot but only when he travels south of the border, and I had the pleasure of his company as we went for a curry after a gig he played at Tamworth, Staffordshire can’t remember the year but I do remember what a pleasure it was spending time with him.
You can rest assured I am very aware of the real people behind the tunes, and hope that one day I can see Dolly in person ringing her bells. That’s a great YouTube clip.
Thanks for posting.
Cheers Mikk

Mr And Mrs MacLean Of Snaigow, X:2

This is transcribed from a demo recording by low whistle player, Marc Duff. It’s a beautiful piece in his hands and I downloaded it at the time but can’t find it any longer. If you want a copy please e-mail me at