Viva La Quinta Brigada barndance

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One setting

X: 1
T: Viva La Quinta Brigada
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
G|G3/2 G/ G A|G3/2 E/ F E|D C3-|C3|B|c c c c|d c2 G|A4|
z2 z|G|c c B c|d c c B|A2 D2|z2 z|G|G2 D E|F2 E D|C4-|C2 z G|
G3/2 G/ G|A|G F F D|D2 C2|z2 z G|c c B c|d c c F|
A4|z2 A B|c c B c|d c c B|A2 D2|z2 z G|G2 D E|
F3/2 F/ E D|C4-|C4|c2 c c|c2 d c|c A3-|A2 A A|c c c3/2 B/|
B B B A|G4|z2 z G|c c c c|d3/2 c/ c c/d/|e A3-|A4|F F F G|E E D D|C4-|C4|

Three comments

Viva La Quinta Brigada

Song from Christy Moore for the Irish Brigade on the Lincoln Batalion; appears in the Carlos Nuñez disk “Os Amores Libres”, Dubliners and more. A small reminder to the International Brigade, especially the Irish. I found the ABC,

Re: Viva La Quinta Brigada

Not much use without the lyrics though, is it ?

Re: Viva La Quinta Brigada

No problem, is a pleasure for me, only need copy and… I remember Aberdeen, I was near of one year (1996-97) working in the Stakis Casino and lived en Crow Street, upstairs of a restaurant chinese takeaway. And when I went my first time to the Public Library in Union St. I Saw a plaque conmemorative to the boys of Aberdeen that fought and dieds in the Spanish Civil War. In Aberdeen I bought my higland bagpipe, and maybe this went twenty years ago, but I remember like if were yesterday, the old and grey Aberdeen. A salute.
Viva la Quince Brigada
Christy Moore

Ten years before I saw the light of morning
A comradeship of heroes was laid.
From every corner of the world came sailing
The Fifteenth International Brigade.
They came to stand beside the Spanish people.
To try and stem the rising Fascist tide
Franco’s allies were the powerful and wealthy,
Frank Ryan’s men came from the other side.
Even the olives were bleeding (1)
As the battle for Madrid it thundered on.
Truth and love against the force af evil,
Brotherhood against the Fascist clan.

Vive La Quinta Brigada!
“No Pasaran” the pledge that made them fight.
“Adelante” was the cry around the hillside.
Let us all remember them tonight.

Bob Hillard was a Church of Ireland pastor;
From Killarney across the Pyrenees ho came.
From Derry came a brave young Christian Brother.
Side by side they fought and died in Spain.
Tommy Woods, aged seventeen, died in Cordoba.
With Na Fianna he learned to hold his gun.
From Dublin to the Villa del Rio
Where he fought and died beneath the Spanish sun.


Many Irishmen heard the call of Franco.
Joined Hitler and Mussolini too.
Propaganda from the pulpit and newspapers
Helped O’Duffy to enlist his crew.
The word came from Maynooth: ‘Support the Fascists.’
The men of cloth failed yet again
When the bishops blessed the blueshirts in Dun Laoghaire (2)
As they sailed beneath the swastika to Spain.


This song is a tribute to Frank Ryan.
Kit Conway and Dinny Coady too.
Peter Daly, Charlie Regan and Hugh Bonar.
Though many died I can but name a few.
Danny Doyle, Blaser-Brown and Charlie Donnelly.
Liam Tumilson and Jim Straney from the Falls.
Jack Nally, Tommy Patton and Frank Conroy,
Jim Foley, Tony Fox and Dick O’Neill.