Prayer Of Long Resolve waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Prayer Of Long Resolve
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
d3BJc2B/A/JG-|G2FE2{A}E/D/E/F/ G|A8-|A2G6-|G2{A}G2D4-|D6z2|
JF4G4-|G8|z6JB2|c<de6- |e6 JB2|c<d2A4JB-|!>!B4A/GF/E2-|E4-E{FE}D3-|D2z6|z8|
z6F2|JG8-|G8-|G8-|Gz2 {A}FJG4-|{A}G{A}G-G6-|G8-|G6z2|FJG4-G{A}G2-|G6z2|
G6z2|z4A4-|A8-|B8-|B4-B3c|d8- |!>!d6z2| f/g/Ja4b/a/g/f/g/a/|
JB3-B2{c}B/A/B/d//e//d/B/|A/JB/{c}B/A/G6-|G8-|G8|g3{ba}g{a}gfJa2- |a2 {c'}a/g/f/g/a2Jb2-|
b8-|b8-|b2Jc'/b/a/b/Ja2{c'}ag|fe3-e4-|e4z{a}fJg2-|g2{a}!>!gf3 az|

One comment

Prayer Of Long Resolve

Originally on B J Cole’s album, Transparent Music 2, this beautiful piece has found its way on to Spillane’s latest album. For me, it’s possibly one of the most enchanting low whistle pieces he played on/created. As with many such pieces, the temp is not exact but I’ve worked at setting it in a 4/4 framework. The music is really only a guide to the notes/ornaments and anyone wishing to play it needs to listen to the music itself. Spillane’s whistle doesn’t appear through the whole piece but comes in around the 2 minute mark and leaves about 30 seconds before the end. As with Spillane’s other work, he uses many slides which don’t show up in the music itself but are marked J in the notation. I’ve used the symbol > to denote falling slides and the same may apply.