Ferintosh strathspey

Also known as Ferintosh Whiskey, Ferintosh Whisky, Ferrintosh, Ferrintosh Whisky.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Ferintosh
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
B,|A,<D D/D/D F>D D>F|G>E =C>A, C/D/E G2|A,<D D/D/D F>D D>^c|d>A F>D F/G/A d2|
A,<D D/D/D F>D D>F|G>E =C>A, C/D/E G2|f>d ^c/d/e B>G F/G/A|G>E =C>A, D2D||
g|f>d f/g/a f<d d>f|g>e =c>A c/d/e g2|f>d f/g/a f<d d>g|f>d a>f b>g a2|
f>d f/g/a f<d d>f|g>e =c>A c/d/e g2| f>d ^c/d/e B>G F/G/A|G>E =C>A, D2D||

Three comments

Re: Ferintosh C naturals

In Captain Fraser’s setting from 1874 your C nats are included, but in Fiddle Music of Scotland from 1979, they’re not. Interestingly, Hector MacAndrew did not play them, and more recently Jonny Hardie on the CD "The Captain’s Collection" does not play them either. To me, the tune sounds good either way.

Re: Ferintosh

Interesting, I haven’t played out of the Hunter book in a while. It gives a totally different feel to sharpen those Cs! Thanks for sharing that, Nigel.