Two recordings of a tune named
The Culfadda
With a tune named
The Galway

The Culfadda (reel) is also known as Coolfada, The Cruel Father, Cul Fada, The Cul Fada, The Cul Fadda, The Culfada, Culfodda, The Culfodda, The Descending, Far Back, The Kilfada, The Kilfadda, The Kilfodda, Killfadda, Larry Og, Larry Redican’s, Marcus Hernon’s, Martin Wynne’s, Mickey Rattley, Reddigan’s, Walsh’s Fancy.

The Galway (reel) is also known as The Galway, Ironing Board, The Ironing Board, Larry Bedican’s, Larry Redican’s, Rattigan’s, Redican’s, Redigan’s.

Contemporary Traditional Irish Guitar by Dave Flynn

  1. The Galway
  2. The Culfadda

Traditional Music Of Ireland by Seamus Walshe

  1. Larry Redigan’s
  2. Culfadda