Maria’s waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Maria's
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|: e>B e>f (3geB | E3 D E>F | G3 A B>c | d<B2 g f>g | e>B e>f (3geB | E3 D E>F | G2 A2 B2 | d3 g f>g | e>B e>f (3geB | E3 D E>F | G3 A B>c | d>B3 d2 | c>d e2 f2 | (3gdB G2 g2 | f>g a2 d2 |1 c3 g f>g :|2 c6 ||: a>b a2 d2 | a>b a2 d2 | g>a g2 c2 | g>a g2 c2 | a>b a2 d2 | a>b a2 d2 | g2 f2 d2 | c6 | a>_b a2 c2 | a>_b a2 c2 | g>a g2 B2 | g>a g2 B2 | a>=b a2 d2 | a>b a2 d2 | g2 f2 d2 |1 c6 :|2 c2 d2 B2|| e6 |

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A beautiful tune (IMO) composed by multi-strings-player Martin Matthews of County Durham, England, and recorded on his album "Autumn", which is in the Recordings database here:

Re: Maria’s

(This tune, on the album, goes just a tad faster than it does on the midi.)

Re: Maria’s

There are two quite distinct tunes called Maria’s on the database - one of them is this one, Maria’s Waltz, and the other is Maria’s Jig:

This is to clear up any confusion caused by the note currently at the top of this tune’s details, saying "There are 2 recordings of a tune by this name".

Re: Maria’s

Hi, if anyone is searching my tune Maria’s Waltz, it’s on the Cd Autumn, by me Martin Matthews and can be heard on Spotify, iTunes and all the usual platforms.