Two recordings of a tune named
The Popcorn
With a tune named
The Teetotallers

The Popcorn (reel) is also known as Highland Skip, Molly Maguire, Molly McGuire, Molly McGuire’s, Perthshire Hunt.

The Teetotallers (reel) is also known as The Bowl Of Coffee, O! My Foot, Prohibition, The Road To Newbridge, The Teatotaler’s Fancy, The Teatotaler’s, The Teatotaler, The Teatotalers, Teatotaller, The Teatotaller’s Fancy, Teatotlers, The Teeth Of Tailors, Teetotaler’s, The Teetotaler, Teetotalers, Teetotaller’s, Teetotaller’s Fancy, The Teetotaller, Teetotler, The Temperance, The Temprance.

Different Game by Lissa Schneckenburger

  1. The Teetotaler’s
  2. Molly McGuire’s

Jerry Holland by Jerry Holland

  1. Temperance
  2. Malcolm Finlay
  3. Molly Maguire