One recording of
Bill The Weaver’s
Paudy Scully’s

Bill The Weaver’s (slide) is also known as Clifford’s, Denis Murphy’s, Highland Bonnet, Murphy’s Slides No. 2, O’Keefe’s, O’Keeffe’s, O’Keeffe’s No 2, Padraig O’Keeffe’s, The Weaver’s, The Weavers.

Paudy Scully’s (slide) is also known as Dan Patsy’s, Jimmy Doyle’s, John Dore’s Favourite, Paddy Scully’s, Páidí Sa Scoil, Paudie Scully’s, Tournafulla, The Tournafulla, The Turnip Jig, The Turnip.

Irish Fiddle by Dale Russ

  1. Paudy Scully’s
  2. Art O’Keeffe’s
  3. The Weaver’s