One recording of
Bill The Weaver’s
Michael Russell’s

Bill The Weaver’s (slide) is also known as Clifford’s, Denis Murphy’s, Highland Bonnet, Murphy’s Slides No. 2, O’Keefe’s, O’Keeffe’s, O’Keeffe’s No 2, Padraig O’Keeffe’s, The Weaver’s, The Weavers.

Michael Russell’s (slide) is also known as Callaghan’s, The Clare Jig, The Clare, Fanore, The Fanore, Micho Russell’s, Mickey Callaghan’s, Micko Russel’s Slides, Micko Russell’s.

Fyace by Karen Tweed and Ian Carr

  1. Padraig O’Keeffe’s
  2. Callaghan’s
  3. Glountane
  4. A Slide Called Norman