Two recordings of
Dark Girl Dressed In Blue
The Killavil Postman

Dark Girl Dressed In Blue (polka) is also known as Dark Girl, The Dark Girl Dressed In Blue, The Dark Girl, The Dark Haired Girl, Des Tarrant’s, Din Tarrant’s, Dressed In Blue.

The Killavil Postman (barndance) is also known as Fred Finn’s, Killavel Postman, The Killavel Postman, Killavil Post, The Killavill Postman, Leitrim, The Sligo Polka.

Laura and the Lads by Laura MacKenzie

  1. The Farewell To Whiskey
  2. Dark Girl Dressed in Blue
  3. Leitrim

The Killavil Post by Dartry Ceili Band

  1. Ray’s Classic
  2. Dark Girl Dressed In Blue
  3. Killavil Post