An Cailin Rua polka

Also known as An Cailin Rua.

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An Cailin Rua (slow Air)

This is a transcription of Josie McDermott’s playing of the slow air ‘An Cailin Rua’ from his album ‘Darby’s Farewell’:
The ornamentation is from the first time through, but the ornamentation on the second time is very similar. ‘t’ is a tap, ‘c’ is a cut. Needless to say, one probably must have heard McDermott’s playing to make musical sense of the transcription as it is only an approximation. A very close rendition, by Tom McElvogue on a Bb flute, may be listened to on youtube:

and another rendition, also on Bb flute, is on his CD, The Long Hard Road:
Note, however, that this transcription is of Josie McDermott’s playing, and that although, as per instructions, I haven’t added any additional items to the ABC notation, I have changed the default L from 1/8 to 1/4.

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Re: An Cailin Rua (slow Air)

There are several places (e.g. the first note of measures 6 and 7) where what should be a quaver and a crotchet (eighth note and quarter note) respectively, have come out in the score as semiquavers (sixteenth notes). On my software (easyABC) this doesn’t happen, and I don’t know how to fix it. Sorry about that, but the errors should be clear as the measures are very short. (I find I have no end of trouble with ‘>’ in ABC notation, but can’t seem to do without it. Will try to produce an ABC version without ‘>’s, but doubt that I’ll succeed.)

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Re: An Cailin Rua

I was able to produce an ABC version without any ‘>’s and to substitute it for the original post. The staff notation is correct now, so please ignore the previous comment.

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