The First Trout jig

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The First Trout
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Emix
B,|:EFE DB,A,|B,E^D E2 E|F/=G/AB cdd|BAF CDD|
dAF dAF|=GFE DB,A,|G,A,B, DB,A,|1 B,E^D E2 B,:|2 B,E^D EGB||
|:eBG GAA|EFE DB,A,|eBc cdd|dAF dAF|
eBG GAA|EFE DB,A,|G,A,B, DB,A,|1 B,E^D EGB:|2 B,E^D EG,A,||
|:B,2 E B,EE|B,EB, DCD|B,EE B,EE|F/=G/AB cdd|
dAF dAF|=GFE DB,A,|G,A,B, DB,A,|1 B,E^D EG,A,:|2 B,E^D E2B,||
X: 2
T: The First Trout
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amix
E|:ABA GED|EA^G ~A3|B/c/de ~g3|edB ~G3|
gdB gdB|=cBA GED|CDE GED|1 EA^G A2 E:|2 EA^G Ace|
|:aec cdd|ABA GED|aef ~g3|gdB gdB|
aec cdd|ABA GED|CDE GED|1 EA^G Ace:|2 EA^G ACD|
|:E2 A EAA|EAE ~G3|EAA EAA|B/c/de ~g3|
gdB gdB|=cBA GED|CDE GED|1 EA^G ACD:|2 EA^G A2 E||

Two comments

The First Trout

An infectious 3-part jig learned from Johnny McCarthy’s wonderful box recording "Solo Run". The tune was written by Johnny’s son Conor McCarthy who has also recorded it on his CD "Selection Box". I’ve been using this as a learning tune on the C-system chromatic button accordion, which it fits rather well. As written in E mixolydian, it’s approachable on a keyed simple system flute, but it lays out really well transposed up to A with just a couple G#s to contend with and the dreaded C# that falls off the bottom end. I’ll try to post an A mix flute setting to round things out. Either way, it’s a lovely tune!

The First Trout, X:2

Here’s a version in A Mixolydian I worked out on the flute. I’ve left the low C# where it belongs but if you don’t have a low C# on your flute, I’m sure you know what to do! I’m not a big fan of the little squiggly thing to indicate rolls, but I included them here just to give an idea of how one might approach this tune on the flute or whistle. Enjoy!