The Delphi Air waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Delphi Air
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
DEF{A}FG4-|G8-|G2JAF3-F2-|F4G/F/ E E2-|E8-|E4z4|
z4 E/{A}E/D/E/ FF|JG2AJB2-B3|-B{c}BA6-|A4{c}AF{A}FE|E8-|E6z2|z3z4
zef g/{a}g/f/g/ gJa2-|a8|Jbf3-f4|Jga/{c'}a/Jg3fed|e8|
{A}(3EDE FF2JG3-|G2{A}(3GFG AJB B2-|B4 FF3-|F6JA2-|A8|{c}A^GJA4{c}AG-|
GFE2^DJE3|{A}(3EDE JF4 (3GAG-|G2FEE4-|E6z2|z8|

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The Delphi Air

Taken from the CD, Amara: Island Currents by Joe Boske, this is one of Davy Spillane’s most haunting solo pieces, written, I believe, by Joe. It’s a rare CD but one worth looking out for. The symbol > means a reverse slide and normal slides do not unfortunately show up in the music but are written in the notation as J. As always with a piece like this, while I’ve tried to be as accurate as possible in my transcription, you really need to listen to the piece to understand it.

Re: The Delphi Air

All of the tunes on "Amara" were composed by Joe Boske.

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Re: The Delphi Air

Direct link to the recording, it is the 4th tune, arounf 7:30

But why is this listed as a Waltz? It sounds more like a haunting native american flute. Thanks for transcribing it.

Re: The Delphi Air

It’s listed as a waltz because that’s the closest tune category to the air. Learn it from Davy Spillane’s playing of it - not from the sheet music here, although I have to give credit to Mikethebook for his transcription. It must have taken a lot of listening, and a lot of musical knowledge to come up with what he’s posted above.

From Joe Boske’s CD sleeve-notes :

"In the rainy spring of 1972 I lived in Lettereeragh on the shores of the Killary, with my young wife, where I completed work towards an exhibition in Dublin that autumn. The area is one of the most hauntingly beautiful in the West and inspired this air, the first I ever wrote, sitting in a silent valley.
For Aine, - wherever you are……"

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