Happy Again jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Happy Again
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:DFAG3|F3 EFE | D4 z D| DFA G3 | F3 FED | E4 z E|!
| EFG A3| c3 cde |d3 A3 |FGA G3| F3 EFE |1 D4 zD :|2 D4 z f ||!
|:fed B3 | A3 FED| F4 z f| fed B3 | A3 FED | E4 z E| !
|EFG A3 | c3 cde| f3 a z a |agf e3| c2 A GFE|1 D4 z f:|2 D4 z z||!
EFG A3| c3 cde |d3 A3 |FGA GAG| FGF EFE |1 D4 zD :|2 D4 z f ||!
|:fed Bcd | AFD FED| F4 z f| fed Bcd |!
| AFD AGF | (E4 z E| EFG A3 | c3 cde| f3 a z a |agf e3| c2 A GFE
|1 D4 z f:|2 D4 z z||

One comment

Happy Again

This is a song I wrote in 6/8 time after being widowed and finding someone else to share life with. Someday some good Irish tenor will sing it. Maybe you?
Happy Again - Mike Furbee 2010

Remember the long days
of bowin your head
And all of the lost words
That never got said
All of the heartaches, emotional earthquakes
All of the hard times are starting to fade

Come live in the Sunshine
Come play in the band
Come sit by the ocean and walk in the sand
Cause only love matters and music and laughter
We’re glad that you’re with us and happy again


You couldn’t feel joy if
You didn’t feel pain
There wouldn’t be flowers
Without any rain
But there is still hope in
A heart that is broken
The rest of your story is yet to be told.

The scars that we carry
Will fade with the years.
The oceans are filled with
Humanity’s tears.
We’ll suffer this weather; we’ll suffer together
We’ll lean on each other and not be alone.

Final Chorus
We’ll live in the sunshine
And play in the band
We’ll spit in the ocean
And lie in the sand
Cause love is what matters, music and laughter
I’m glad that you’re with me and happy again.