Seventeen recordings of a tune named
Throw Away The Keys

Also known as Gorman’s, Gorman’s Highland Fling, John Gorman’s, Johnny Gorman’s, Johnny Henry’s, O’Gorman’s, Pat Mullin’s.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with Ah Surely, Andy Renwick’s Ferret, Bunker Hill, Cap And Bells, Cooley’s, Crowley’s, Drag Her Round The Road, The Drummond Lasses, The Fairhaired Boy, Farewell To Tim Collins, The Five Mile Chase, The Galway Rambler, Gráinne’s, Granny In The Corner, The Guns Of The Magnificent Seven, Jim Donoghue’s, Johnny Henry’s, Kiss Me Kate, The Lilies In The Field, The Maids In The Meadow, The Old Crossroads, Ormond Sound, The Piper’s Despair, The Ships Are Sailing, Sporting Nell, The Sweet Flowers Of Milltown, Toss The Feathers, The Trip To Birmingham, Uirchill A’ Chreagain.

  1. Celtic Reign by Celtic Reign
  2. Century by The Kilfenora Ceili Band
  3. D Flute Album by Kevin Crawford
  4. Foreign Shore by Hanz Araki
  5. Here to Play by Bernadette Nic Gabhann
  6. Ireland by Altan, De Dannan, Frankie Gavin/Liam O’Flynn/Desi Wilkinson
  7. Melting Snow by Orla Harrington
  8. Music of Mayo - Ceol Mhaigh Eo CD2/2 by Various Artists
  9. On Common Ground by Cillian Vallely And Kevin Crawford
  10. Shifting Gravel by Four Men And A Dog
  11. The Colin Farrell Band by Alan Murray, Dan Lowery, and Colin Farrell
  12. The Dursey Sound by John Dwyer
  13. The Kitchen Recordings by Sean O’Driscoll And Larry Egan
  14. The Smoky Chimney by Eoghan O’Sullivan, Gerry Harrington, Paul De Grae
  15. The Tap Room Trio by Harry Bradley, Jessie Smith, John Blake
  16. Throw Away The Keys by Brian Mac Aodha
  17. Whistle Flute Favourites by Jules Bitter