The Polished Turd reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Polished Turd
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
dBBA ~B3d|AF~F2 ABde|fAdf eAce|1 dBAG FDFA:|2 dBAG FDDe||
|:fddc dfef|~g2fg eAde|fddc dFAd|fAdf ~a3g|
fddc dfef|gbfg eAde|fAdf eAce|1 dBAG FDDe:|2 dBAG FDFA||

Five comments

The Polished Turd

It’s possible. You just need a lot of elbow grease and some glitter to finish it off.

Re: The Polished Turd

Reminds me of story I heard from a school friend in the 60s. His older brother was serving in the Navy when the Queen visited his warship in Plymouth. Immediately after she had used the specially prepared loo a couple of ratings fished out the prized article she had left behind, baked it, applied several coats of varnish, and mounted it in a glass display case. Probably apocryphal but difficult to forget.

Re: The Polished Turd

Who is the composer? It has to be a modern tune. For those of you who have more than a passing interest in audio (professional and domestic) "you can’t polish a turd" is a saying I associate with the great Ken Kessler (mostly in Hi-fi News and Record Review).

Re: The Polished Turd

In Dublin English pronunciation, this is "The Polished Third" which sounds less ….

Re: The Polished Turd

This seems like a tune with great potential and yet it seems, there are no videos available of it being played up to the level that I can’t. Too bad. I would like to hear it done in an appropriate set. Hopefully someone will take it on, if only for the sake of the title. I find it to be quite an endearing piece to play.