Mrs. Judge hornpipe

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One setting

X: 1
T: Mrs. Judge
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amin
AG|E2 AA A2 c2|B>c BA G2 e2|e<d c<B d<c B<A|~G4 E2~E2|
A2 B2 c2 d2|e>f ed c2 a2|ab c'2 e2 c'2|~b4 a2 ~a2|
ag e2 ~e2 a2|g>a ge c2 e2|dcBc d2 c2|~B4 A2 G2|
e2 c2 f2 d2|g2 e2 a2 e2|f<e d<c e<d c<B|A2 AG A4|

Seven comments


when I’ve heard this song, the short notes are played very staccato
and the trills roll throught the note
also, there is one ‘c’ that should be a double-high c but I couldn’t
figure out how to do that

You do the double-high c by putting an apostrophe after it - c’.


well, trevor told me that my 1/-1/16 notes might be reversed, (this being a hornpipe)
though I don’t think that’s the case: but however, I’ve noticed I put a lot of notes
in the wrong octave-
then again, I’m not even sure it’s a hornpipe. It’s unlike most other
things I’ve heard, and it sounds very classical to my ears (I heard in on boil the breakfast early).
anyway, I’ll try to fix this
sorry about that-

I don’t know this tune, but ‘Scotch snaps’ (1/16 + 3/16) are not unheard of in hornpipes, particularly in bagpipe settings. However, this is clearly not a bagpipe tune, and neither is its structure typical of a hornpipe, or any type of dance tune. It sounds more like what is known in Scotland as a ‘slow strathspey’ (which are played purely for listening, in contrast to an ordinary strathspey, which is a dance tune).

You say you heard it on ‘Boil The Breakfast Early’ - is that the Chieftains album? The Chieftains tend to be very thorough with their sleeve notes, so you’ll probaby find all the information you need about the tune there.

Mrs Judge

This is the first bit of Carolan’s Mrs (sometimes Madam) Judge.