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One setting

X: 1
T: Dennis Murphy's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
G2 {c}AG B/c/dge |dcBG ADFA|G2 B/A/G Bdge |dcBA G2B/c/d|
g3 d e2 ge|dcBG ADFA|G2 {c}AG B/c/dge |dBAc BGGe|]
dgbg agbg|dgbg ageg|dggg agbg|dBGA BAAB|
dgbg agbg|dgbg ageg|c'3 a b2 {c'}b a|gedB {c}BAAB|]

Seven comments

Dennis Murphy’s

A rather choice little reel in G recorded on the lovely recording by Jack Talty and Cormac Begley "na Fir Bolg." I’m not sure which of the lads plays this solo track, but it’s neatly done.

Re: Dennis Murphy’s

Hi Bill

I never thought to check if this was here so thank you for posting it.

The only person who plays it (that I know of) out here in Tassie is 2 row player Mick Flanagan (Joe Cooley’s nephew) from Galway and he, like me, just knew it as Murphy’s.
Thanks again

All the best

Brian x

Re: Dennis Murphy’s

Hi Brian.

I can’t find the liner notes for Na Fir Bolg so I’m not sure of the provenance. I’d guess from Cormac Begley’s repertoir—seems like all Sliabh Luachra tunes are called O’Keefe’s, O’Leary’s, or Dennis Murphy’s. Unless Cronin’s or Tom Billy’s. I find it lays nicely on the flute—though if you play in duet with a fiddle, the long high C note has all kinds of interesting potential! On the 3-row CBA the G fingering’s a little twisty. F is a bit easier to finger and sounds good too.



Re: Dennis Murphy’s

Oh what a nice tune. Thanks bill indeed! Just queried the internet for the recording you transcribed it from, and found it’s on bandcamp — yay! :~) Superb music altogether. So anyway, here you can listen to the tune:

I’ll add the link to the recording entry here, too. Absolutely made my day!

Edit: Here’s the recording link for quick reference:

Re: Dennis Murphy’s

I’d say more related to the Lord MacDonald’s/Leather Breeches group but with some very distinctive phrases in both parts.

Re: Dennis Murphy’s

This looks like a duplicate of Murphy’s Scartaglen shifted up to G from D. BTW, the links to 21 recordings look dubious as they are coupled with polkas and slides!