One recording of
The Ardgroom

The Ardgroom (polka) is also known as Finbar Dwyer’s, Finbarr Dwyer’s.

Lafferty’s (reel) is also known as The Crane’s Leg, The Girl I Left Behind, The Glen Of Aherlow, The Glenn Of Aherlow, The Glens Of Aherlow, Lafferty’s, Lafferty’s Favourite, The Maid I Never Forgot, Mary’s Favourite, Reddican’s, Rediggan’s, Ríl Uí Laithbheartaigh, The Woman I Left Behind Me, The Woman I Never Forgot.

The Lark's Air by Dan Brouder

  1. The Knocknaboul #1
  2. The Knocknaboul #2
  3. The Girl I Left Behind
  4. Finbar Dwyer’s