The Buzzard reel

By Jonny Hardie

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Buzzard
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
Bd|:(3c/d/c/ A Bd BE E/~3/2E|AG (3F/G/F/E D2 (3EFF|
G{A}FGA B{dB}ABd|efgTf ed B<d|
{d}(3c/d/c/ A Bd BE E/~3/2E|AGFE D2 EF|
G{A}FGA Bded|1 B{dB}AGF FGBd:|2 B{dB}AGF FGAB||
|:c3 d ef g/f/e|fage fd B<d|
c{dc}ABd BE E/~3/2E|AG (3F/G/F/E FGAB|
c3 d ef g/f/e|fage fd B<d|
c{dc}ABd BE E/~3/2E|1 AG (3F/G/F/D E2 AB:|2 AG (3F/G/F/D EF (3E/F/E/D||
B,Ede edEB,|B,Ede edEB,|
A,EAe eAEA,|A,EAe eAEA,|
B,Ede edEB,|B,Ede edEB,|A,4||

Two comments

Re: The Buzzard

The buzzard is absolutely not a real. It needs to be played in a lazy wilting fashion like the bird soaring in the air. There should be a very flowing quality to this tune. My husband just found this website today, and it is so awesome. I am very sorry to say that the audio presentation of this tune totally destroys the mood of the peace. Everything else I have found has been absolutely amazing. I wonder if there is any way to slow down or speed up the audio versions of the tunes. I learn music by ear and it would be useful if I could vary the speed. Thanks in advance for answers.