A Dissolution March For Island Britain march

Also known as A Dissolution March For Little Britain, A March For Island Britain, A March For Little Britain.

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One setting

X: 1
T: A Dissolution March For Island Britain
R: march
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:D2|G2 A>B cBAG|B2 D2 G2 AB|c2 B2 A3 G|FGEF DEFD|
G2 AB c>BAG|B2 D2 G3 B|c2 Bc/B/ A2 GA/G/|FDEF G2:|
|:B/c/^c|d2 G2 G2 B/c/^c|d2 G2 e2 dB|c2 E2 A2 GE|FGEF D2 B/c/^c|
d3 G G2 B/c/^c|d2 G2 e2 gB|c/d/c B2 AB/A/ G2|FDEF G2:|
|:c2|B2 D>G BAGF|G2 D2 G2 F2|E2 A>B cBAG|FGEF D3 c|
B2 DG B>AGF|G3 D G2 dB|c3 B A3 G|FDEF G2:|
|:G/A/B/c/|d2 g2 bagf|gdBd Gd B/c/d|c2 a2 c'bag|fgef d2 G/A/B/c/|
d3 g b>agf|gd B/c/d GD F/G/A/B/|caBg AeGd|FdE>F G2:|

Fifteen comments

“A Dissolution March For Island/Little Britain”

Go Scotland! We’d seriously consider going with you. Too many people here have sacrificed reason to make a protest vote, others voted out of fear, while now the Brexit front are denying all the promises they sold us down the stream with. No patience here for jingoism. There are too many important things we need to face together, rather than turning away and inward and contemplating our navels. In a globalized world there is no true independence, as we all depend on each other, and ever so if we’re going to survive the mess we’ve already made of things.

Originally this came to me as I was playing very low, an octave below what is notated here. Somehow I felt it should have been minor, but this is how it came to me. We were up late, me till well past 3 a.m.

Can you imagine a world with President Trump and Prime Minister Boris? How I wish I had access to an interstellar spaceship and knew a good planet far away from here to escape to. Lacking that, I’ve turned to my favourite high and self medicating with music.

There’s been a huge demand now for Irish passports, and a lot of people researching emigration, including a rise in clicks to pages covering “The Top 10 Cities to Emigrate To”… 😏 God forgive us and save us…

I can easily imagine Putin throwing a party to celebrate Brexit… 😛

Brexit continues to fan the flames of racist hate crimes here in Britain…

Re: A Dissolution March For Island Britain

Pandora’s box has been opened …

Re: A Dissolution March For Island Britain

On the continent we feel feckin’ isolated now……

Re: A Dissolution March For Island Britain

Nice tune and thoughts, Ceolachan. One possible minor amendment would be to have an unresolved ending, leave it hanging, or fade out……….?? 😉

Re: A Dissolution March For Island Britain

Yes, trish, I did actually think that too, but let it take me where it wanted… I like the idea of a hanging end! 😉

Re: A Dissolution March For Island Britain

I prefer ‘The Independence’ hornpipe myself

Re: A Dissolution March For ‘Island/Little’ Britain 😏

There’s no such thing. If anything, Brexit will end up with Britain becoming more dependent on others… Like so many of the so-called promises of the main voices and leaders behind the ‘Out’ campaign ~ Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Nigel Farage ~ have admitted one way or the other that it was all smoke and mirrors, lies, and then, except for Michael Gove, bowed out, backed away from it all… What independence? The pound continues to drop in value and as of last week the country had lost over 1.8 trillion…

Besides, another lack of understanding expressed, no surprises there, this isn’t a hornpipe…

Despite all the madness, misinformation, and lies, there is some ‘hope’ also expressed in this little melody… And, it’s in a ‘Major’ key! 😉

Re: A Dissolution March For Island Britain

Looks like we might get another Iron Lady! Ironman (or The Iron Man) already has his own tune, strathspey by Scott Skinner.

There’s always hope, however thin it might be, or difficult to find and hold on to, having had more than one surprise upset recently. I’m still hanging on, however thin and tenuous that life line might be. Twice a week, including this morning, I’m currently attending a rehab/gym for challenged hearts, having recently suffered my M.I., caused by a blood clot, and so far I’m not doing so bad. Fingers and toes crossed I’ll soon be back on my bike.

Iron shares something with the situations that helped get us here, rust! 😀

Re: A Dissolution March For Island Britain

Keep on pedalling, Ceolachan, and here’s to the dissolution of any clots. (There are a few stil left at Westminster, methinks!)

Re: A Dissolution March For Little Britain

Right you are Trish…

Another flash back from this Brexit madness, we had planned to take a vacation in Sweden, having found a nice little place to rent, and at that point looking reasonable, manageable. Since the Brexit decision the price of that place has more than doubled. I understand from other research and reading that so-called cheap holidays will now be something we’ll remember as once having been possible… Sadly this has meant we’ve abandoned our plans for a couple of weeks in Sweden.

The rise in prices are already seeping through elsewhere. We recently experienced quite an unexpected burn, twice, when ordering just a single CD from North America, two separate orders. Instead of simply arriving through our letter box, which we had previously taken for granted, we instead received a bill for THREE charges ~ import, excise, and The Royal Mail’s £8 charge for processing. The drop in the value of the pound meant that the value of these CDs, with postage, were now above the allowable value of unhassled delivery.

I’ve also received news from another source that all electronics, including computer parts, were also rising up because of the weak pound. I think I need to knuckle down and stop putting off building a new computer to replace this old one. I only hope I can swing it before prices go ballistic…

Further on the fantasy of independence the Brexiteers were waving the Union Jack about, Britain will now be selling its soul to meet the demands of multinationals and bigger countries ~ America, China, India ~ with less muscle to work out better deals for ourselves, which were easier when we were part of a block of countries, the E.U. There too, we will also have to rejig our deals with that larger body, the E.U., once we’re fully departed from them. Among those larger trading bodies we’re small fish. Their hooks are cheaply baited as Britain grows increasingly hungry and desperate.

Ireland and Scotland are growing temptations to these two souls…