Major Konstant’s reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Major Konstant's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
G2Bc ~d3e|cA~A2 cAdB|G2Bc dBed|cAFA cdcA|
G2Bc ~d3e|cA~A2 cdeg|fdec dAFD|Eded cAFA:|
|:Ggge ~d3e|ceae fBBA|Ggge degb|^gaAB cdAF|
=Ggge ~d3e|cA~A2 cdeg|fdec dAFD|Eded cAFA:|

Five comments

Sorry to post 2 original compositions in quick succession, but this one kind of goes with my other one "Two Steps Up", but it’s in the Lydian mode of the same key (Glyd). I don’t think this is as weird as the other one though.

Mark, I think it’s useful and instructive to have examples of tunes in all the modes, especially the uncommon ones.

Nice tune. I enjoy the balance of arpeggios to scale fragments in this piece. The F# minor chord, implied in bar 4, works very well. Using g# in bar 12 was a neat tonal wake up call.

I picked up a _G Mixolydian Reel_ at a session last Spring. It compares favorably with your work, Mark. With a reasonable certainty that it’s a recent composition, and without any knowledge of the composer, I shan’t post it. Hey! Maybe it’s yours?

I believe The Irish Waterman, a tune which attracted some, umm, interest on this website, is also in the Lydian mode.

Hehehe… I thought someone might mention "The Irish Waterman". Talk about defining moment in the history of! 🙂