Winter Morning waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Winter Morning
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
D2 |"Em7"E2 G2 G2|"G/D"d2 gf e2|"C"d2 e2 g2|"G/B"B2 BA G2|"Am7"E2 G2 "G/B"D2 | G2 "Cmaj7"BA G2 | "D"A2 d2 d2 |"G/B" g2 fe d2 |
"C"e2 E2 G2 | "G/B"d2 gf e2 | "Em7"d2 e2 "D/F#"ed | "G"B2 BA G2 |"Am7"E2 G2 "G/B"D2 | G2 "Cmaj7"BA G2|"D"A2 B2 BA | "G"G4:|
"G/B"B2 |"C" c2 d2 g2 |"G" b2 ba g2 | "Am7"a2 agab |"Em7" e2 edef |"C" g2 gf e2 |"G"d2 E2 G2 |"Am7" d2 BA G2 |"D"A4 "G/B"B2 |
"C" c2 d2 g2 |"G" b2 ba g2 | "Am7"a2 agab |"Em7" e2 edef |"C" g2 gf e2 |"G"d2 E2 G2 | "Am7"A2 B2 "D"A2 |"G" G4:|

Two comments

Winter Morning

I wrote this tune on a very cold winter morning for my sister’s wedding. I arranged it for piano, marimba, and tine whistle. The recording is lost, somewhere… But here is a little mock-up made using logic and a virtual instrument or two. I’m blowing the whistle:

It’s not technically Irish, I suppose, but well… there you have it.

Re: Winter Morning

A beautiful tune for piano and D whistle which - if Clarke has the story straight - isn’t technically Irish either. ;^)