Two recordings of
The Humours Of Derrycrossane
Dever The Dancer

The Humours Of Derrycrossane (slip jig) is also known as The Humours Of Derrycrissane, The Humours Of Derrycrosane, The Humours Of Derrykissane, The Humours Of Derrykissanne, The Humours Of Derrykrosane, Lucy Casey, The Humors Of Derrycrossane.

Dever The Dancer (slip jig) is also known as Deever The Dancer, Denver The Dancer, Devero The Dancer, Mickey Doherty’s, Paschal’s.

Donegal Fiddler by PV O'Donnell

  1. Dever The Dancer
  2. Humours Of Derrykissane
  3. Paddy Hiudai’s

Tracin' by Gearóid Ó HAllmhuráin And Patrick Ourceau

  1. Dever The Dancer
  2. The Humors Of Derrycrosane