Lucy Campbell reel

Also known as Lucy Cambell, Lucy Cambell’s, Lucy Campbell, Luighseach Chaimbhéal, Miss Lucy Campbell.

There are 36 recordings of a tune by this name.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with Crowley’s (a few times), Lord MacDonald (a few times), The Mountain Top (a few times), The Salamanca (a few times) and Toss The Feathers (a few times).

Lucy Campbell has been added to 24 tune sets.

Lucy Campbell has been added to 609 tunebooks.

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Four settings

X: 1
T: Lucy Campbell
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
| A2 FA A2 dB | A2 FA BE E2 | A2 FA defe | dBAF AD D2 |
AD (3FED A2 dB | (3ABA FA BE E2 | ADFA defe | dBAF AD D2 ||
dBAB defe | d2 cABE E2 | dBAB defe | dBAF AD D2 |
dBAB defe | dB (3BAB gBdB | A2 FA defe | dBAF AD D2 ||
a3 f defg | a2 fa be e2 | a3 f defe | dBAF AD D2 |
a3 f defg | (3aba fa beef | g3 e f3 e | dBAF AD D2 ||
df (3fef dfef | df (3fef afef | dffe f3 e | dBAF AD D2 |
df (3fef dfef | df (3fef afef | g3 e f3 e | dBAF AD D2 ||
X: 2
T: Lucy Campbell
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
dBAB defe|d2cA BE~E2|dBAB defe|dBAF AD~D2|
dBAB defe|dB~B2 gB~B2|dBAB defe|dBAF AD~D2||
faaf defg|a2fa b~e3|faaf defe|dBAF AD~D2|
faaf defg|a2fa b~e3|~g3e ~f3e|dBAF AD~D2||
|:df~f2 dfef|df~f2 afef|1 dffe ~f3e|dBAF AD~D2:|2 ~g3e ~f3e|dBAF AD~D2||
X: 3
T: Lucy Campbell
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
dB | AD ~D2 A3B | ADFA BE~E2 | ADFA dfec | dBAF AD~D2 |
AD ~D2 A3B| ADFA BE~E2 | ADFA dfec | dBAF A2~D2 ||
dBAB defe | d2cA BE~E2 | dBAB defe | dBAF AD~[AD]2 |
dBAB defe | dB~B2 gB~B2 | dBAB defe | dBAF A2~[AD]2 ||
aaaf defg | a2fa beeg | aaaf defe | dBAF A2~A2 |
aaaf defg | a2fa bgef | g3e f3e | dBAF A2 ~A2 ||
dfef dfef | dfef dfef | dffe ~f3e | dBAF A2~[AD]|
dfef dfef | dfef dfef | ~g3e ~f3e|dBAF AD ||
# Added by Jesse .
X: 4
T: Lucy Campbell
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
dB | AD~D2 [DA,]3B | ADFA BE (3EEE | ADFA dfec | dBAF AD (3DDD |
AD~D2 [DA,]3B | ADFA BE (3EEE | ADFA dfec | dBAF AD (3DDD ||
dBAB defe | d2cd B2 (3EEE | dBAB defe | dBAF A2 (3AAA |
dBAB defe | dB (3BBB gB (3BBB | dBAB defe | dBAF A2 (3AAA ||
faaf defg | a2fa bg eg | faaf defe | dBAF A2 (3AAA |
faaf defg | a2fa bgef | g3e f2fe | dBAF A2 (3AAA ||
d~f3 dfef | dfef afef | df{a}fe ~f3e | dBAF A2 (3AAA |
d~f3 dfef | dfef afef | g3e f2fe |dBAF A2 ||
# Added by Jesse .

Twenty-five comments

Lucy Campbell’s

Here’s a nice 4 part reel.

I’ve always wondered if the person who wrote this was a fan of The Bucks Of Oranmore…

Lucy Campbell’s

Perhaps the seed of The Bucks of Oranmore ? They do indeed sound VERY similar, but I have a Neo-Darwinian faith that given plenty musicians learning by ear, pleasant sounding mistakes, imaginative variations and enough time, the two will evolve into two different sounding creatures.

The seed or the fruit of its loins?… I wonder whether they actually will diverge as you say. I suspect that they are both too well documented in the form of books, recordings, net postings etc to change significantly. I’d like to think not.

Family Ties

I have often thought he same thing - about the first part in particular. But then, I always find in these cases, that the tune also bears resemblance to some other tune entirely, for example, the final part of this tune is almost identical to the 2nd part of The Union reel (whose 1st part is very similar to the 1st part of The Foxhunter’s Reel).

…and hasn’t anyone noticed that The Bucks of Oranmore, despite the different rhythm, bears an uncanny melodic and structural resemblance to the common 4-part version of The Lark in the Morning - which, in turn resembles the multi-part D version of The Geese in the Bog, which is related to the 2-part Am/C version ….and so on. There seems to be almost a continuous spectrum of tunes - so much so that I’ve been led right off the topic of Lucy Cambell’s.

Lucy Campbell vs Billy Brocker’s

Am I mistaking or is Billy Brocker’s Reel simply the first two parts of Lucy Campbell, or perhaps a two-part version?

The Boyne Hunt also sounds a bit like a two-part version of this. I don’t know the relation of the tunes though.

Sounds like the bucks and Last nights fun.

Lucy Campbell’s

Listen to a relaxed yet tight piano accordion & banjo duet playing of this well-known reel:

The second reel is the Yellow Tinker. The musicians are Micheal Tennyson (piano accordion), Jody Moran (banjo), and Neil Baillie (bouzouki), who would represent the scene in the north of England. The clip is from the latest Leeds CCE recording titled "The Music Makers."

Lucy Campbell’s has its origins in Scotland as a 6-part strathspey.

lucy cambels

i can hear the american tune sally goodin in lucy cambel


I think this was written by Niel Gow according to the Glenfinnen ceilidh band’s Shores of Loch Shiel cd.

Lucy Campbell’s, X:2

This is the version played in my regular session. I don’t remember where I learned it. Probably from a piper.

Lucy Campbell’s, X:4

My favourite setting

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Re: Lucy Campbell’s

I occasionally (never in sessions) like to take this a string down on my fiddle and play it in G. "The Bucks of Oranmore" is also great played this way.