Three recordings of
Lucy Campbell
Barr Na Cuille

Lucy Campbell (reel) is also known as Lucy Cambell, Lucy Cambell’s, Lucy Campbell, Luighseach Chaimbhéal, Miss Lucy Campbell.

Barr Na Cuille (reel) is also known as Barnacoola, Barr Na Chuille, Barr Na Cuile, Bornacoola, Top The Hound.

Carlos Sweeney McCartin by Dylan Carlos, Cein Sweeney and John McCartin

  1. Quinn’s
  2. Palmer’s Gate
  3. Lucy Campbell’s
  4. Barr Na Cuille

In Praise Of Lissycasey by Various Artists

  1. Barr Na Cuille
  2. Lucy Campbell’s

Lamh Ar Lamh (Many Hands) CD 1 by Various Artists

  1. Barr Na Cuile
  2. Lucy Campbell