Blue Angel reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Blue Angel
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amin
e'e|:d'ec'e bec'e||
aec'e beae|^gefe eede|ceBe Aee'e|d'ec'e beae|
gbe'd' c'bag|^fe^dc BAG^F|E=FE^D E2e'e|d'ec'e bec'e|
aec'e beae|^geae gefe|edcB AGFE|DFAd e^gc'g|
baee' d'c'ba|^gfdB ^GFDB,|A,eee' eee'^d'||
[K:A] =d'ef'e bee'd'|c'ee'e aed'c'|bed'e gebe|aec'b agf=f|
ebBB ^dbBB|ebBB =fbBB|^febc' bagf|eeee' eee'^d'|
=d'ef'e bee'd'|c'ee'e aed'c'|bed'e gebe|aec'b agfe|
dfbg gagf|eeee' eee'^d'|=d'bgf edcB|Aeee' eee'e:|
[K:A]"'C' part" A2E2c4|G2E2c4|F2D2A4|E4C4|
A2ee eee2|G2ee eee2|=G2ee eee2|F2e2 d4|
dede =fdBA|ecec Ace^d|=dBGF EFGB|A6G2|
AecA cecA|GecG cecG|FdAF AdAF|E6E2|
=F2=GA BAGF|E=F=G/F/E ^F=GA/G/F|=GAB/A/G AB=c/B/^A|B=cd^d e4|
dede =fdBA|ecec Ace^d|=dBGF EFGB|Aeee' eee'^d'|

One comment

Blue Angel

This is from the second track on J.P. Cormier’s guitar CD ‘Primary Color’. The First two sections are repeated as often as desired, then in the last time through, the ‘C’ part is sandwiched between the two before finishing off (so it’s like ABABACB or whatever).