Ballochyle jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Ballochyle
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|:ua|"A"{g}f>ec "D"A>AA|"A"(c<e)e "D"f>ea|"D"f>ec "A"A>AA|"Bm"B>cA "E7"{Bc}B2 a|
"A"{g}f>ec "D"A>AA|"A"(c<e)e "D"f>ea|"A"A>cf "E7"(c<e)B|"A"A>AA {A}A2:|
ud|"A"(c<e)e e>Ac|"D"f>ee (f<a)a|"A"f>ec A>AA|"Bm"B>cA "E7"{Bc}B2 d|
[1 "A"(c<e)e e>Ac|"D"f>ee (f<a)a|"A"A>cf "E7"(c<e)B|"A"A>AA {A}A2:|
[2 "D"f>ec "A"A>AA|"A"(c<e)e "D"f>ea|"A"A>cf "E7"(c<e)B|"A"A>AA {A}A2||
|:ua|"A"c>AA "E7"B>AA|"A"(c<e)e "D"f>ea|"D"f>ec "A"e>cA|"Bm"B>cA "E7"B2a|
"A"c>AA "E7"B>AA|"A"(c<e)e "D"f>ea|"A"A>cf "E7"(c<e)B|"A"A>AA {A}A2:|
|:ud|"A"(c<e)e "D"(e<a)a|"D" f>ee (f<a)a|"D"f>ec "A"e>cA|"Bm"B>cA "E7"{Bc}B2 d|
[1 "A"(c<e)e "D"(e<a)a|"D" f>ee (f<a)a|"A"A>cf "E7"(c<e)B|"A"A>AA {A}A2:|
[2 "A"c>AA "E7" B>AA|"A"(c<e)e "D"f>ea|"A"A>cf "E7"(c<e)B|"A"A>AA {A}A2||

Two comments


Another melodic 6/8 pipe march, this one by Peter Macleod (Jr.) the notation from Ceol na Fidhle (Martin).
I heard this tune at the New Hampshire Highland games played by John Carmichael on accordion in a set along with Dovecote Park. It is really is A major, the G natural note never gets played.
Ballochyle is at the head of the Holy Loch by Dunoon in Argyll.

Re: Ballochyle

Just as I am looking at your posting, Alan, I am looking from my window at Ballochyle. Sun actually shining at the moment! This is the home turf of the late, great PM John McLellan DCM, who composed so many tunes using names from around the Cowal area. Thanks for posting this one.