Mrs. Macpherson Of Cluny jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Mrs. Macpherson Of Cluny
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
d|"A"c2e "/C#"ece|"D"fga "A/E"ecA|"A"c2e "F#m"ecA|"Bm"GAB "E7"Bcd|
"A"c2e "/C#"ece|"D"fga "A/C#"ecA|"Bm"Bcd "E7"efg|"A"aec "/E"A2:|
((3efg)|"A"a3 "/E"Ace|"A"aga "/C#"ecA|"Bm"dcB fdB|"E/B"bge "E7/E"efg|
"A"a3 "/G#"Ace|"F#m"aga "A/E"ecA|"Bm/D"Bcd "E7"efg|"A"aec "/E"A2 ((3efg)|
"A"a3 "/E"Ace|"A"aga "/C#"ecA|"Bm"dcB "F#/C#"fdB|"Bm/D"bge "E7"efg|
"A"a2e "/C#"ece|"D"fga "A/C#"ecA|"Bm"Bcd "E7"efg|"A"aec A3||

Four comments

Wild Geese

This tune comes from the Scottish dance repertoire. I learned it as part of a set for a dance demonstration, and it really stood out from the rest. It’s a keeper.

Re: Wild Geese

"The Wild Geese" (Jacobite merceneries who fought in the 18th Century in the low countries - now Holland/Belgium) is a dance title and, as often happens, tune and dance seem to have become confused. The tune predates the dance and is as above, but it is "Mrs Macpherson of Cluny" by Joseph Lowe. My source is The Strathspey Server dance database.

Re: Mrs. MacPherson Of Cluny

I originally learned this tune under the name Wild Geese, and have corrected it, since that is the name of the Scottish Dance that uses the tune as the lead tune.

Thanks to Bob Parsons for pointing it out.

Re: Mrs. MacPherson Of Cluny

I play every year for the England and Wales Branch of the Clan Macpherson Association and the lower case p is the conventional spelling and it is how the current Macpherson of Cluny spells it. The upper case P is incorrect but it seems to be used in every version of the tune I can find. I suppose this is a case of one mistake being perpetuated, probably because most people think that all Mac- names use the capital. But some of the Macdonalds (or MacDonalds), including the Clan chief use the lower case d which dominates in the Western Isles. You pays your money…